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Welcome to the University of Otago Wiki Service

This wiki ( is the "home" of the Wiki Service. Here, you will find information about using your own wiki, what options you have available for user access, as well as information about applying for a wiki.

Your wiki will have a web address of

For example a "Phantasmagorical Studies" wiki might have an address like .

How to apply for a University of Otago Wiki

Please see WikiApplication

How to get help for your wiki

If you need help with your wiki, or applying for a wiki feel free to contact the ITS HelpDesk.
Training is also available with separate courses for wiki editors and administrators.

Also see the pages in the help category.

Using your Wiki

A short guide to editing pages in your wiki is available here.

For more extensive information about using MediaWiki (The software that drives this service), you can view the MediaWiki User's Guide.